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From 1993 until the end of 1999, each Taylor guitar featured a nine-digit serial number that pinpoints when work began on that guitar, along with its series and production position. See the explanation for serial number 980311301 below: 980311301 First two digits indicate the year - 98 (1998 If your Taylor guitar has a serial number with 11 digits then it will tell you: The Date the guitar was built; The Series the guitar belongs to; and What order in the day it was buil You can find the serial numbers on the label in the sound hole of the guitar or on the inside of the neck block. If you want to know the production year of your Taylor guitar,you can decipher it with the serial number decoder, or find it in explanation about the dating system below. Enter only the serial number. (No type or model

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Most Taylor acoustic guitar numbers are organized by series, featuring the 100 through 900 Series, along with our Presentation (PS) and Koa (K) Series. The first digit (or letter) identifies the series. Most guitar models within each series share the same back and side woods and appointment package. The second digit designates two things What year did Taylor Guitars start? 1974, El Cajon, California, United States. How do you read a fender serial number? Four or five digit serial number on the neck plate with no letters, 1954 - 1963. Serial number on neckplate starts with an L, 1963 - 1965. Big F on the neckplate with a six digit serial, 1965 - 1976. Serial number starts.

Taylor acoustic guitar models are organized by series, from 100 - 900 along with our Presentation (PS) and Koa (K) Series. Learn how to understand our numbering system, by viewing our quick guide Starting in 1993 and up until 2009, finding the year of a Taylor is as easy as looking at the first digits of the serial number. For guitars from made prior to 2000, you'll find a 9-digit serial with first two digits denoting the year. For example, a 9-digit Taylor serial starting with '96' indicates a guitar made in 1996 Accordingly, the serial number for the first guitar built in the Tecate factory on November 2, 2009 is 2011029001. From 1993 until the end of 1999, each Taylor guitar featured a nine-digit serial number that precisely pinpoints when work was begun on that guitar The new serial numbering convention takes into account Taylor's two manufacturing locations: its main complex in El Cajon, California and a second factory complex located in nearby Tecate, Mexico.The new, 10-digit serial numbering format identifies the factory of production, year, date and the assigned number of the guitar on that day's production schedule, although the numerical sequence is slightly different from the previous system

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Starting in and up until, freezing the year of a Taylor is as serial as looking at the first 214ce of the serial number. For guitars from made prior to, you'll find a 9-digit serial with much two digits denoting the year The mysteries of the Taylor Guitars numbering system are unraveled by Moore Music Guitars owner, Brett Mulzer. In this video, you'll learn about 100 to 900 s... In this video, you'll learn about. Find the current Blue Book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. The number one source of guitar and amplifier pricing and information so you can find the price and value of your used guitars and amplifier. Use this site for a pricing guide and source of information on all guitars When Taylor Guitars was founded in 1974, its young owners knew little about running a business. Nineteen-year-old Bob Taylor was a self-described wood-shop nerd, who used the guitars he'd made in high school as his resume for his first guitar-making job at a shop called American Dream. When the owner of that shop decided to sell out, Taylor and two other employees, Kurt Listug and Steve. Unfortunally ESP didn't keep good records of old serial numbers. Many records have been lost during years and most of all were destroyed in a fire accident on late '90s in ESP Japan factory. For old guitars we can only know the exact data reading the ESP warranty card (when there is), or unscrewing the neck (if the neck is bolt on) and read under it becuse probably theres the data write on.

Breedlove Guitars are made in Bend, Oregon since 1990. Website Timeline 1990 - California luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson left Taylor Guitars in San Diego and set up shop in an old barn in Tumalo, Oregon, just northwest of Bend. 1992 - the company officially launched their new designs. 1994 I record the serial numbers of all my guitars (I actually do more than that, I have complete photo sets) in case of theft. However, You could make some sort of distinguishing mark with a sharpie or something inside the body of the guitar that would not hurt the guitar any more than having the serial number sticker removed and would provide some sort of proof

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SX guitars are widely famed as the best valued guitars unbeatable for the money The first 2 digits indicate year, the next 2 are the month, and the following numbers are the run series sequence. The neck block numbers follow some different pattern after the first four, which are often the same as those on the neckblock. Your Humble Administrator Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get. Edit: see the next post for updated information. Post May 08, 2008 #2.

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  1. Guitar Serial Numbers 2007 serial numbers 1350-2700 2008 serial numbers 2701-4150 2009 serial numbers 4151-5600 2010 serial numbers 5601-8150 2011 serial numbers 8151 and above It's only castles burning. -- Neil Young Email PM Find Reply Quote #5. 03-04-2018, 11:48 AM. Change Avatar. eastmanschool EGF Member 30 - 459. Posts: 459 Threads: 30 Joined: Nov 2017. Since it's so easy to contact.
  2. Each taylor guitars by serial number guide. Jul 19 vintage guitars, 1996 and electric guitar. How to decipher, 2016 a unique serial number heritage. Hahn: 4-1068. Trying to like this filthy superhero satire. 28 rows to figure out what year was the serial numbers lookup c. Tl numbers the new black professional online dating your guitar that has published a serial 15263 owned and production.
  3. Taylor Guitars Serial Number Search By Name. Taylor should start an area on their website where anyone can go, store owners, individuals, everyone, and enter the serial number. Up would pop close up photos of the face, back, sides, and neck of that particular guitar for sale so the buyer could compare the grain patterns and inlays visually. Maybe you're buying a used guitar and want to run its.
  4. e the year of manufacture for a Yamaha acoustic or classical guitar. The first step is to find the serial number—a combination of letters and/or numbers— and the Made in... label (Japan, Taiwan, or Indonesia) on the guitar. You should be to find these near the soundhole label or the stamp.
  5. Show all serial numbers matching the above criteria. Show only the following serial number: Show only serial numbers in the range : to. ( Click Here to view valid Instrument serial number formats.) Show. 25 50 100 200 400. Instruments per page. Sort in
  6. For instance, there may be a custom Master Class guitar with serial number6441 that was completed in early January 2004, while a stock Quartz mandolin with serial number 6447 might have been completed in December 2003. In other words, consider the above ranges somewhat approximate
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  1. Taylor?s own patented pickup system for acoustic guitars. The ES system was an option available on 500 series and above plus the 30th anniversary limited edition series. ES was also offered as a customization for 300 and 400 series orders as well as some of the older Taylor designs
  2. A serial number beginning with 8910 likely means the 10th week of 1989. Locating and dissecting the serial number is a great first step in identifying the manufacture date of an Aria guitar. While not always exact, the serial number is a useful tool
  3. ate back and sides, a solid Sitka spruce top, and Tay..

Where to find the serial number On most modern (after 1989) Gretsch guitars you will find it on the back of the headstock. Some models from 1962 - late 1960s also had serial numbers on the top of the headstock or on the pickguard The label is the best way to figure out the completion date for the guitar. The number on the neck block is an additional tracking number used internally. It is true that the number on the neck block will be different, but it will probably start with similar numbers to those on the label (but not always)...representing the year produced. The 3rd and 4th numbers usually represent the month the guitar wa produced The 110e uses Taylor?s ES-T pick-up system. Other Shapes: The 110e is part of Taylors 100 series. The 100 is the series (which is pretty much the wood and material combination used) and the 10 represents the shape as being a dreadnought shape. You can also get the same guitar in the Grand Auditorium shape PS15-L6: Taylor Guitars: Acoustic Guitar: 2003 - 2003: Description: 2003 Fall Limited Model. Guitar Type: Acoustic - Body Construction: Hollow - Body Size: Jumbo - Top Wood: Engelmann Spruce - Back: Maple - Sides: Maple - Neck Wood: Mahogany - Fingerboard: Ebony - Frets: 20 - Inlay: Custom - # of Strings: 6 - Headstock: 3+3 - Bridge: Wood - Bridge Construction: Ebony - Cutaway: None.

Rey guitars are not included in the list. Guitar Serial Numbers 2007 serial numbers 1350-2700 2008 serial numbers 2701-4150 2009 serial numbers 4151-5600 2010 serial numbers 5601-8150 2011 serial numbers 8151 and abov 1991. 26297. 1991. 509122 *. 1993. 533213. * 1976 Serial numbers 259996-260020 were also used. * 1991 C. F. Martin & Co. begins using one set of serial numbers for guitars & mandolins. 1994-2002 Mandolins are custom order only Serial Number Chart for Electric, Archtop, and Bass Guitars In the following charts, you can determine the year of manufacture for a Yamaha electric, archtop, or bass guitar. The first step is to find the serial number—a combination of letters and/or numbers— and the Made in... label (Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, or China) on the guitar. You should be able to find these in one of. Taylor Guitars Serial Number. I got it for my friend Wolf who just like me have gone from a pretty solid Gibson obsession to realise that perhaps that Martin sound is not that bad after all. There is something of that punchy mids and clear ringing highs in the Martin sound that these Japanese made Sigma's have too, after all they were commissioned by I thought my Sigma DR-41 was loud and had.

Identify Guitar. Supported Brands. *Pot Code Reader*GibsonFenderEpiphoneIbanezYamahaMartinTaylor. Epiphone. Enter Serial Number eg. EE04091253. The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formatsfrom 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial numbersfrom 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars. Enter your Gibson guitar's 8 or 9 digit serial number in the box below to find the date of manufacture. This decoder currently supports Gibson guitars from 1977 to date (older guitars coming soon). The serial number can be found on the back of the guitar's headstock Related: A Guide To Taylor Acoustic Guitar Model Numbers. Large Acoustic Guitar Body Shape. Grand Orchestra (GO) (Models end in an 8: e.g. 818) Body Length: 20-5/8 Body Width: 16-3/4 Body Depth: 5 The Grand Orchestra unleashes Taylor's boldest, richest voice. With a slightly bigger footprint and a deeper body than the Grand Symphony, it yields a stronger low-end response. Proprietary bracing helps produce louder, more complex tone with impressive sustain and balance. The company started branding guitars with a serial number in 1898. The serial numbers begin with 8001, as the company estimated that they already had 8,000 guitars prior to 1898 in their portfolio. Martin guitar serial numbers will have between 4 and 7 serial numbers

Taylor Ice Cream machine serial numbers consist of a letter followed by seven numbers. The first letter in the serial number tells what series it is, which is also the decade it was manufactured. For example: 'G' Series - 1970-1979 'H' Series - 1980-1989 'J' Series - 1990-1999 'K' Series - 2000-2009 'M' Series - 2010 to the present. The first number following the. If your guitar's serial number has less than 7 digits, you'll have to email me it's serial number so I can look it up in our serial number lists. On post 1993 guitars, the serial number is engraved behind the headstock. On pre 1993 guitars, the serial number is stamped on the sound hole label. The same system goes for Godin, Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie and La Patrie. Taylor Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer based in El Cajon, California, and is one of the largest manufacturers of acoustic guitars in the United States. They specialize in acoustic guitars and semi-hollow electric guitars.The company was founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug Chris McKee with the breakdown.Free Guitar Buyer's Guide → https://www.alamomusic.com/discove.. (Serial number 7832 was the first guitar made in 1989) Before 1993 the serial numbers are numerical.. Taylor hasn't sent Dr.Duck the numbers to post here yetso you will have to contact Taylor (619-258-1207)for information on guitars made before 1993 . The following came in from a guitar player named Jim Hester on 11-26-1998. sometimes the guitar builders will respond to one of their.

I played a bunch of Taylors and Martins around town, all kinds of incredible tones to be had. Then on my last stop they had a wall full of Breedloves. I only barely recognized the name. Played the Oregon and was stunned. Nothing I had touched the whole day, spoke to me like that Oregon Concert. I don't even have the acoustic guitar vocabulary to describe what it was. It just felt and sounded. Taylor; Factory List; Blog; Donate; Fender (Ver. 2.0) The Fender serial number decoder currently supports all documented MIA, MIJ, MIM, MIK and MII formats with the exception of Custom Shop, Relic and Reissue instruments. Please note that fender serial numbers tend to overlap by at least a year, and thereby the date of your guitar can only be approximated. Enter Serial Number eg. Z512345. Meet the latest addition to the Taylor family, sibling to the 317e acoustic guitar and the newest Grand Pacific model to hit stores. 327e Acoustic Guitar Features The Grand Pacific has already made waves in the music world with th After World War II, some guitars had a serial number embossed on the head, but reliable numbers didn't really appear until the advent of the first labels, around 1949. Early labelled Gretsches will usually have a printed serial number and a handwritten model number. On hollowbodies, the label is usually visible through the f-hole. On other models such as solidbodies, it should be inside a control cavity

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Your guitar's serial number is found inside the sound hole and up sharply towards the neck block (see example on the right). First generation 03 Series serial numbers may also be ink stamped on a white label. If your serial number has 2 lines of numbers please enter only the bottom row to the lookup form below. The first line of numbers is your model number. In the event you are presented with. Taylor Guitars was founded by Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug in 1974 and is headquartered in El Cajon, California. Taylor made its mark by combining state-of-the-art methods of manufacturing with a craftsman's eye for detail. The resulting guitars are some of the best-sounding and easiest-playing acoustic instruments ever made. Taylor led the industry by using computer mills, lasers and other.

All Taylor guitars are made in one of two factories; either the El Cajon factory in California, or the Tecate factory in Mexico. They're roughly 40 miles from one another. Anything that's a 200 series or lower (so that's the 100 series, GS Minis, Baby range and Academies) are made in the Mexican factory. The 300 range and upwards are all made in America Serial numbers for Sigma guitars built in South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia are perhaps even more meaningless, though again some seem to indicate the year of manufacture (e.g. loop81XXXXXX.) Since we know these instruments were manufactured from 1984 through 2007 in these three countries, it is safe to assume that a serial number beginning with 81XXXXXX (which I have personally seen) were not. Guitar scale diagrams/charts, with color CAGED shapes for pentatonic, blues, major and minor scales. Database of Martin guitars serial numbers matched with dates produced SCALER SEQUENCER MODENIZER CHORDS TOOLS NEWS CONTAC Serial Number: Year Manufactured---Serial Number: Year Manufactured: 2925 - 3114: 1952---3115 - 3389: 1953: 3390 - 3762: 1954---3763 - 4225: 1955: 4226 - 4816: 1956---4817 - 5391: 1957: 5392 - 6171: 1958---6172 - 6807: 1959: 6808 - 7415: 1960---7416 - 8655: 1961: 8656 - 9668: 1962---9669 - 10063: 1963: 10064 - 11748: 1964---11749 - 12777: 1965: 12778 - 13765: 1966---13766 - 14486: 1967: 14487 - 15346: 196

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  1. Serial numbers and models stolen. FL3E-HMS-FIGURED S/N 1508-30398 Huon Pine top highly figured Maple Silkwood back and sides Dreadnought. AN3E-HMS-FIGURED S/N 1507-3799 Huon Pine top highly figured Maple Silkwood back and sides Grand Auditorium. FL2EC-CMAH S/N 1507-30319 Western Red Cedar top African Mahogany back and sides Dreadnought Cutawa
  2. The Martin serial number sequence starts at 8348 which is how many guitars the firm had estimated it had produced from its inception to when they started the serial sequence at the end of the 19th century. Martin has kept meticulous records of the serial number of last guitar produced each year, so finding the year of production by serial number is as simple as finding the range it falls into.
  3. A serial number not only confirms the authenticity of your guitar but can impact the value. If, for example, you have a Gibson Explorer that was made from 1958 to 1959, you have one of the few models produced in that period. In general, rare guitars are worth more money, and that particular model is valued at between $250,000 and $310,000. Modern Day Serial Numbers. Image via: Pixabay. Today.

Taylor; Factory List; Blog; Donate; Gibson (Ver. 2.0) The Gibson Serial Number Decoder currently supports 6 formats from 4 Factories. For guitars made prior to 1977 use the extended search function. This new function will try to match the serial number against older formats, details required for an exact match are listed in yellow. Please post any comments, particularly bugs in the user. In the mid 70's, serial numbers began to be used. At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from 1979 would have a serial number, such as 79####. The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from 1964 to 1986. Rumor has it.

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Series. The first numeral in Taylor's model numbers indicates the series it belongs to. The series span from the 100 Series to the 900 Series, with the 100 and 200 being made in Mexico, and the remaining numbered series made in America. Generally, each is a step up in quality and price. So when you see this - 414ce, it's a 400 Series Taylor Guitar Serial Numbers Dating. Coupled with the package of tone-enhancing strokes brought to the maple/spruce 600 Series, players can expect impressive richness, volume and sustain. Design nuances include a back bracing profile that's optimized for maple and a special seasoning process for the spruce top called torrefaction to produce an aged tonal character with greater acoustic. Unofficial Taylor Guitar Forum - UTGF » Marketplace: Buy, Sell, Trade » They went to 10 digit serial numbers in 2009. The 2nd and 7th digits indicate the two-digit year it was built. Logged Susie Taylors....914 K24ce (custom) 512ce 414 GSMeK+ Martin LXK2 Pono MB-6 IIIIIII IIIIIII Have been finger-pickin' since 1973! Jimmer. Full Member; Posts: 163; My first Taylor is a GS Mini; Re.

8xxx6xxx for 1986. 0xxx7xxx for 2007. 82176xxx for the 217 th day of the year of 1986 (August 5, 1986) 00027xxx for the 2 nd day of the year of 2007 (January 2, 2007) The remaining characters (RRR) can indicate the order of instruments created that day, as well as which factory the instrument was made in In the corresponding area inside the Academy Series guitars, instead of lining, a larger piece of mahogany is used, which when machined away, acts as both lining and armrest. Although it looks at first glance like two pieces of mahogany, it's machined from a single piece (left over from the neck-making process) that's stepped to reduce weight. In keeping with the ethos of these guitars, redundant material and ornamentation have been stripped away

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8 digit serial numbers: These appear from late 1987, in the format NN NN NNNN (eg 87 10 0001). We think that: the first two digits = the year the second two = the month. Any guitar with this sort of number was probably made in Korea. Later models (1987 onwards) have no obvious serial number and may have originally been on a sticker on the guitar S, E (Made in Korea) S = Samick, E = Young Chang, E letter serial numbers were used on Young Chang's Fenix brand guitars. The S and E serial number prefix Korean Squiers are from the late 1980s/early 1990s. The first number following the prefix is the year. 6 or 7 digit number. The first guitars made in Korea are those with serial number written in silver E1 + 6 digit

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Rey guitars are not included in the list. Guitar Serial Numbers 2007 serial numbers 1350-2700 2008 serial numbers 2701-4150 2009 serial numbers 4151-5600 2010 serial numbers 5601-8150 2011 serial numbers 8151 and above Mandolin Serial Numbers 2007 serial numbers 1050-2450 2008 serial numbers 2451-4050 2009 serial numbers 4151-560 There are several models with various values... Epiphone Gibson PR350 Taylor big Baby, model 307, serial number 20050405431, made in California. I do not have a listing for a Big Baby 307 or a listing in the 300 Series guitars Taylor guitars are built from a wide range of tonewoods, and the firm leads the industry in their commitment to sustainability in all their products. Key Taylor models include the 214ce and 814ce Grand Auditoriums, as well as the popular small-bodied GS Mini. Tonally, Taylors are known for their bright high-end and rich bass, which makes them ideal counterparts for vocalists. With the advanced Taylor Expression pickup system found on all their acoustic-electric models, Taylor guitars are an.

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Guild Guitar Serial # lookup : 10% complete. It should be noted that many manufactures don't have complete records themselves so any progress given here are based on what we know we still have to complete for a given manufacturer and may still be missing serial numbers after '100% complete' Read about guitar history and find out how much your guitar is worth at the Reverb Price Guide

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Taylor Guitars Guitars. Taylor Guitars 414ce V-Class Grand Auditorium... Just $67 per month! Taylor Guitars Ltd. Ed. 914ce Ebony Sinker Redwood... Just $167 per month! Taylor Guitars 814ce V-Class Acoustic-Electirc Guitar with... Just $103 per month! Taylor Guitars 562ce 12-Fret V-Class 12-String.. The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. The reason for this is that there is no reliable documentation from this time period. This Module has been updated to work with the newer serial number formats Our original hand made guitar we've been building for 32 years that competes with guitars 2 times its price, the 50 Series has all the prerequisites of the traditional acoustic. Compared regularly to Martin D18 and Taylor 5 Series, but with easier playability and a lower price since you're buying direct from the builder. For 2020 Mr. Zager added a more detailed ivory zipper stripe binding. Sometimes, Taylor will release a limited edition version of one of its standard series guitars made of different woods but I don't remember if there were any 410 LTDs in 1997 made out of rosewood. I doubt it though. Later versions were made with KIf you can find out the guitar's serial number, you can call Taylor Guitars and they will be able to tell you specific information about that guitar.

James Tyler started out doing custom electric guitar work and repairs in the early 1970's. His reputation grew by word of mouth up through the later 1980's and early 1990's when a lot of top session players and artists in the Los Angeles studio scene trusted him to give them exactly what they needed. He listened to his customers and pushed the limits by constantly seeking what could be improved. This kind of hands-on experience with thousands of guitars and an exclusive clientele has. Founded in 1976, the Santa Cruz Guitar Company brought boutique guitar making to the forefront of the steel string guitar business. Richard Hoover invites you to watch this short film by LR Baggs, which documents the culture of SCGC's small production lutherie and mission to provide musicians with exceptional instruments that truly change the world Taylor Koa Series K26ce Grand Symphony Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Shaded Edge Burst. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting.

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Serial Numbers; Serial Number Lookup; Gallery. 2021 Winter NAMM Collection; Product Demos; Artist Performances; Archive. Blog; News; No products in the cart. Cart. No products in the cart. Building Fine Acoustic Guitars for 45 Years. At Bourgeois, we combine flawless craftsmanship with a renown system of hand voicing to bring guitarists the playing experience of a lifetime, every time. View. Compare Now site5116832651 116832651. { inCheckoutPromo: [] , thumbImageID: 214CE-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar/000000116827331, defaultDisplayName: Taylor 214CE Acoustic Electric Guitar, styleThumbWidth: 60, styleThumbHeight: 60, styleOptions: [ ] } Used Taylor 214CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

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A series of tables and lists that summarise serial numbers, model codes and colors of the Ovation guitars from the beginning to the end of the 20th Century. Years and models Original series from 1966. Range: Date: Comment: 006-319: 1966 : three digits in red ink: 320-999: 1967 (Feb.-Nov.) New Hartford; three digits in red ink: 1000-1967 (Nov.)-1968 (July) four digits in black ink, no letter. Rickenbacker serial numbers have been issued in a number of formats. To the right and below, you will find some images that will hopefully help you to locate the complete serial number on your instrument. Please be aware that some instruments manufactured in the late '50s cannot be interpreted by this decoder. Enter your serial number: Models | Boutique | News | U.S. Dealers | Owners Manual. For example, a guitar with the serial number ICJ1500001 was made in 2015. From 1987 to 1989, Jackson Custom Shop bolt-on-neck guitars were not assembled in strictly sequential serial number order. Due to a stamping machine error, for example, serial numbers 5234 to 5999 do not exist; these neck plates say Jackson, 4452 Airport Drive Ontario, CA 91761

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How different tonewoods flavor a guitar's sound. Learn More. The Taylor Line by Series. A snapshot of our series framework and tonewood pairings. Learn More. A Guide to Taylor Acoustic Model Numbers. Here's how our model numbering system works. Learn Mor Are the main differences in the Taylor model series (like the 400 series, 600 series etc etc) just with the wood choices or what? Differences in scale length or anything like that? In terms of scale lengths, I think their Grand Concert model (x12) is their only short scale. Going from 4xx to 6xx is just a difference in tonewoods, I think. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Members; DJ. Some serial guitars have only one number to identify the year. For example, if the serial number is 240000, maybe, it's either a 1982 or 1992 guitar model. Some manufacturers even indicate the exact date of creation, like 941101. This means the guitar is made on November 11, 1994. But, it's not always the case with Oscar Schmidt. Still, there are other guitars with serial numbers like. Bob Taylor, who is the mastermind behind the guitar designs, has pioneered some great innovations over the years. Most noticeably is his one-of-a-kind Grand Auditorium shaped guitar. Taylor Guitars has also been using a patented neck design called the NT neck that is bolted to the body. It uses a single piece of wood up to fret number 19 to.

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For example, a guitar with the serial number ICJ1500001 was made in 2015. All Randy Rhoads neck-through-body guitars were given RR**** serial numbers from 1983 to spring 1990. After that, only custom Rhoads guitars bore RR**** serial numbers; production Rhoads guitars were considered USA models and given U0**** serial numbers. Neck-through-body guitars that weren't. The model number is above, the serial number is below it. How To Read The Chart Below. The serial numbers denote the last serial number used in that year. Example: Serial Number 439628 was built in 1983 as the last serial number made in 1982 was 439627. Serial numbers listed do not apply to Martin Backpackers® or Little Martin® guitars. California ‚V' Series; Classic Series; Custom Series; Electra Bass Series; Forty Eight Bass Series; Panther Series; Guitars. California DC Guitar Series; California ST Guitar Series; Electra DC Guitar Series; Florence Series; Forty Eight Guitar Series; configurator; Dealer. Germany; Europe; America; Africa / Asia / Australia; Artists; Webshop; Support. Catalogues; Guides; Hangtag Breedlove Guitars was established In 1990, pioneering California luthiers Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson, leaving their jobs at Taylor Guitars to create what would become Breedlove Guitars. Their intention was to produce guitars that merged traditional guitar making skills with modern technology. After moving to Tumalo, Oregon, Breedlove and Henderson began specializing in custom Taylor Guitars and The Arts Music Store. The Arts Music Store is one of only two Premiere Taylor Guitar Dealers in Canada. We currently stock over 100 Taylor guitars representing a wide selection of the different series, shapes and tonewoods in Taylor's extensive product line. You will not find a larger selection anywhere

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Serial numbers on Yamaha guitars repeat every ten years due to the way they are formed. The first letter indicates the last digit of the year of production. (Their numbering system began with H for 1.) The second letter indicates the month. The first two numbers indicate the day of the month. The last three numbers represent order of production on the day the guitar was made. Example. Great deals on Taylor Maple Body Acoustic Electric Guitars. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Taylor Guitars Grand Auditorium All-Koa Solid-Top Acoustic/Electric Guitar Model: 224CE-K DLX. Price: $2,249.00 Product Reviews (18 Reviews). 2 models to choose fro Guitars HOHNER has stopped the production of guitars for some time. If you are looking for information about the instruments manufactured at that time, you will find all available product details for almost all models in the document below Basic. California ‚T' Series. California ‚V' Series. Classic Series. Custom Series. Electra Bass Series. Forty Eight Bass Series. Panther Series. Guitars

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